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zilia sept 3 19 2020

The Ultra Corsica is “France’s Toughest 1000k Footrace”


Covering 1000k over 17days all around the Corsica island, the Ultra Corsica  is the most demanding and extreme multi-day running race offered in France with 18000m of a cumulative vertical ascent.


Runners travel through places or landmarks  like the Cap Corse peninsula, the Desert des Agriates, the Gulf of Calvi,  the Gulf of Porto and Calanques of Piana (a protected nature reserve that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage), the  famous beach of Roccapina, the Aiguilles de Bavella, the hilly region of Castagniccia , Ajaccio the city of Napoleon, and the quaint villages of the Balagne region.  


Runners have to be self-sufficient and carry all their own food and drinks supplied by the Organiser at the start of each stage. The Organizer provides tents, diner and drinks at the end of each stage. Individual tents are pitched every night at the best campsites available on the island of Corsica.  Copious homemade meals cooked by a professional chef are served for dinner at the end of each stage. Personal belongings are moved from camping grounds to the next by the organiser.


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