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september 5-21 2019 zilia

The Ultra Corsica® is “France’s Toughest 1000km Footrace”


The Ultra Corsica is a biennal road footrace  co-jointly organised by Capital-ID and SkyRun. Not for the faint of heart, the Ultra Corsica®  takes the runners on  17-day, 1000 km  stage footrace with over 18,000m of elevation gain through corsican mountains.


Known as "France’s toughest 1000 km footrace", the Ultra Corsica course runs 1000 km anti-clockwise around Corsica Island from the eastern coast port of Bastia to the Cap Corse peninsula, through the Desert des Agriates, the villages of the Balagne region, the Gulf of Porto, to the foot of the  famous Bavella Peaks, then snakes its way through the hilly region of Castagniccia.  With over 18,000 meter of positive altitude change on this up-and-down course, participants get a tour of Corsica like none other. While the race is known for its difficulty, runners are treated to unrestrained mountain views, serene valleys, breath taking ocean views and shady forest winding roads that make the journey worth the effort.


The Ultra Corsica organisation  provides assistance and support to the runners during each stage with refreshment stations ("Ravito") posted  along the road every 10 km.  Off road, at the finish line, runners are invited to rest overnight under large tents pitched at uncrowded campsites offering  high qualiity facilities where a generous home made meal and a continental breakfast are served by our own catering team.

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