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corse noire bleue rouge blanc ULTRA CORSICA 1THOUSAND medals 7 to 23 June 2018 TourdeCorsefootrace 1000k 17 days UltraCorsica Man 2 UltraCorsica Woman2 luna full trans Errea_logo 300

Johan Van Der Merwe winner

of the 2017 edition

in 88h36mn

1005 km A+ 17699 m

100% roads

No trails!

The Ultra Corsica® is “France’s Toughest 1000k Footrace”


Covering 1000k over 17days all around the Corsica island, the Ultra Corsica®  is the most demanding and extreme multi-day running race offered in France with 18000m of a cumulative vertical ascent.


Competitors travel through places or landmarks with names like the Cap Corse peninsula, Desert des Agriates, Gulf of Porto a protected nature reserve that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage, the  famous beaches of Palombaggia and  Santa Giulia near Porto-Vecchio, the hilly region of Castagniccia near Bastia, Ajaccio the city of Napoleon, and the superb villages of the Balagne region.  


Team SkyRun full-service running assistance in Corsica includes the support of the runner on the route and taking care of the nightly accommodations,  of all the luggage transportation, and other logistic so you can focus on running and relaxing on the finish line. You will not only enjoy some of the most scenic and diverse coastal roads on the Mideteranean sea, but you’ll also  be pampered as your nightly accommodations include the best campgrounds available on the island and a taste of Corsica's best cuisine.

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