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All applicants must be a minimum of 21 years in age when submitting an application to race.

All runners must follow and complete the entire application and entry process, filling out all forms and paying all necessary fees.

All runners take part in the race totally on their own responsibility and at their own risk and must be aware that medical assistance is not available from the organizer of the Ultra Corsica 2019 during all the course of the event.

All runners exempt Ultra Corsica organization from all responsibility for personal injury/damage and material damage caused in any way whatsoever during the event including for damage, loss or theft of their personal valuables and money.



The runners must attend in person the pre-race check-in meeting on September 4, 2019.

During the 17 days of the event the participants will follow the route designed by the race director taking them on calm narrow winding roads around Corsica Island. Each of the stages of the Ultra Corsica® is completely unique from the others due to the amazing geological diversity of the island. The race will be taking place on public roads; all runners must respect the French Traffic Laws (“Code de la Route”) in effect and yield to motor-vehicles with right-of-way at all times. The organizer reserves the right to penalize or disqualify participants and crew members who systematically disregard the traffic rules.

Runners have to strictly follow the route as described in the road book supplied by the race director, to listen to the race director directives by attending all briefing meetings and to follow the directional signs posted by the organizer along the route. Nevertheless, runners cannot rely solely on the directional signs to find their way, as signs visibility might be altered by parked vehicles, road traffic or malicious defacing. The race director may have to alter, shorten, or cancel the itinerary of a stage in case of adverse weather conditions (over flooding streams, thunder, fog ) or for any other security reasons (strait dogs, landslide, collapsed bridges...). His decisions to adjust the itinerary are final and do not have to be documented.

Any runner departing from the official route must retrace his steps back to the last marking found along the road before resuming his running on the proper itinerary. No short cut is authorized and might result in disqualification. There will be no allowance made for lost time or kilometres run in the wrong direction.

The race number must be worn by the racer on the front of the body, unmodified, unfolded, and visible at all times during the race.

Each runner must complete the entire course under his own power without drafting, helping, pushing, supporting, or any other type of physical assistance. No mechanical aids are allowed, including but not limited to walking sticks, ski poles, hiking sticks. Runners are not authorised to enter or mount any type of vehicle, even parked, between the start and the finish lines of each stage.


Runner support: Refreshment points, crew and pacer

Runners may not store supplies of any kind along the route except at the designated refreshment points in care of a member of the staff.

Each refreshment point set-up by the race organisation, typically at the first 15th km mark and then each next 10 km marks, will offer water, bread, sweets, biscuits, fruits and sodas  specific to the needs of long distance running.

There is no specified time cut-offs for the runners but the refreshment points (generally 4 to 5 along each stage) will be closing based on a cut-off time of 5.5km/h.

The race director may change the cut-off time of the refreshment points or decide not to apply cut-off time in case of adverse weather conditions or for any other security reasons. Racers must make their presence known at all refreshment stations located along the route even if they decide to skip the resupply.

A crew member is defined as any individual who has been registered with the race at the time of the runner’s entry to provide material support to a runner in the event, along the route and stay overnight at the bivouac of the race.

Each Racer’s Support Crew member must fill up an entry form at the time of the registration of the runner and pay the entire necessary fee. At the time of the registration, crew members must be acquainted with the race rules and information about supporting a racer, and be aware of all email correspondence sent by the race director.

All racers and all crew members must sign and submit the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability/ Release.

Crew members must follow all the rules and regulations of the event, including any supplementary instructions issued in pre-race meeting and attend all the briefings.  All crew members must be willingly to comply with all instructions from Ultra Corsica staff at all moments at the campsite, along the route, at the refreshment points, and respect the parking regulations on the route and at the campsite.  At all time, crew vehicles must be driven with special caution and slow speed, especially on narrow winding roads while overtaking runners, near the refreshment stations, at the finish line and on the campsite. Crew member ‘s car should respect at all times the Traffic Laws and should not park to impair the access to the refreshment points by the runners or to the safe passage on the local traffic.

No RV will be authorized as crew vehicles.  Crew vehicles must meet the minimum requirements of property damage and personal injury liability automobile insurance for France. All vehicle drivers must be fully licensed. Crew vehicles are not authorized to display posters, signs, stickers, or use any loud speaker on the race to promote the event, sponsors, and charities or encourage their runner.

For safety reasons no crew members and no followers are authorised to follow and or assist the runner on the route except at the designated refreshment points. In between stations, crew members and followers are not allowed  to run, ride cars, bicycles, motorcycles, or use roller-skate to assist or pace the runner.

Crew member may meet runners or assist them only at the designated refreshment points of the race. Crew member must wait to assist their runners until after the official check-in on the finish line.

Runners are authorised to make unscheduled stops if necessary between 2 refreshment points to get fresh supplies of food or beverage at public fountains, bars, grocery or from local habitants. Crew members may not drive next to the runners, follow them on bicycle or bring them water, food, shoes, clothing or other supplies between refreshment points. “Muling” is expressly forbidden. No mechanical or physical assistance may be given to the runner by the crew member at any time.

A healthy snack will be offered to the runners on the finish line to help them recover from their daily efforts.

Pace running is not allowed except in the last 10km for the stages longer than 60 km and the last 15km for the 16th stage. Only one pacer at a time is authorized. Pacers who are neither a crew/staff member nor a volunteer have to register with the race director for each stage and must sign and submit the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability. Pacers may not carry water, food, or other supplies for anyone other than themselves. “Muling” is expressly forbidden. No mechanical or physical assistance may be given by the pacer to the runner at any time. All pacers must clearly identify themselves and stay with their runner all the time during the last 10 or 15km.

“Family & friends cheering squads” may only be present at the refreshment stations and the start/finish line; they may not follow the runners on the road and must not stop or park along the race course.

Racers, crews, pacers and staff must not litter, mar, or pollute the landscape or environment. All racers, crew and staff must display courtesy, good taste and sportsmanship at all times. No pets will be allowed at any of the refreshment stations, finish line, along the route. No smoking, no BBQ will be allowed at any of the refreshment points, finish line or along the route.


Safety Issues

Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for racers, crew, staff, and the general public. The roads are not closed for this event. Remember that drivers will not expect to encounter a racer or parked vehicle out on the course. Remember the event is held on public roads.

For safety purposes, participants are asked to carry with him following items: ID card, money, Road Book, mobile phone with race contact numbers added to favourites, any sufficient supply of water and food to reach the next refreshment point.

Racers and Pacers may dress as they choose during daylight. Bright colour clothing with reflective stripes is strongly recommended.  Headlamps and reflective jackets are mandatory at night and during periods of poor weather conditions as instructed by the race director.


Time recording

There are two starting times for each of the stages of the Ultra Corsica 2019 (7:00am, 7:30am). The starting times may be changed by the race director in case of adverse weather conditions or any other reasons deemed to be beneficial to the safety of the runners. Racers are informed by the race director at the evening briefing of their starting time for the next stage. Starting group assigned by the race director are non-transferable. Racers have to move towards the starting line 15 minutes prior to their start time, and assemble under the start sign exactly five minutes prior to their wave starts.

At the finish line of each stage, the runner must check in with the Timing team who will record the time in hour, minute of his crossing of the finish line.

There is no time limit, each participant must run or walk the entire distance of every stage to qualify for a Finisher shirt. There are only two divisions: men’s and women’s.



Participants who cannot continue the race must inform the organizers of their decision by contacting the closest refreshment point to organise their transfer to the bivouac or the race director if they manage to reach the finish line on their own.  DNS runners have to inform the race director of their decision to withdraw at the daily briefing.

The runner who withdraws from the race is not entitle to receive any partial refund or credit on his entry fee; he may be allowed by the race director to stay on the race as volunteer or crew member until the end of the event if space is available on the event’s fleet of vehicles to bring him along the itinerary. Any drop-out runner may be authorized by the race director to run as “electron” any stages of his choice as long as the race director finds him deemed fit to resume running at the pace of the cut-off time of the refreshment points.  


Photo / Video

The participants grant the organiser of the Ultra Corsica 2019 the right during the event

-to record their image, picture, voice by any technology or means,

-to copy, use, perform, display and distribute such recordings for any legitimate


-to combine such recordings with other images, recordings, or printed matter,

- to assign, transfer, or license the above rights to third parties.

- to use image and voice in connection with the marketing of Ultra Corsica, and others Capital-ID and Sky Run events.

The participants understand and agree that they will not receive compensation, now nor in the future, in connection with the Ultra Corsica 2019 organiser’s exercise of the rights granted hereunder

Photo / video for personal use, posting to runners’ and crew members’ social media accounts, websites, including  photos/video shot to provide to sponsors of runners to be used by the sponsors in a promotional purpose is not regulated, so long as it is conducted in a safe manner and according to the rules of the race.

No TV, film, or video crew, person, producer, director or other broadcast media representative may accompany or cover any racer or the race itself without the specific written permission of the race director.



All racers who begin the event will receive an Ultra Corsica 2019 race shirt, hat, and a goodie bag with items and products from the race sponsors, as well an invitation to the post-race party (and for up to 2 crew members or pacers). All racers who officially complete the event will receive a finisher’s shirt and commemorative Ultra Corsica 2019 medal.


Rule Enforcement and Penalties

Race rules are designed to provide a safe and fair experience for everyone involved and to help ensure our ability to produce the race again next year.

Major rule infractions by racers, pacers, and their crew, especially those regarding sportsmanship, safety, and littering will result in immediate disqualification of the racer.

The Race Director has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or create a new rule based on unforeseen, and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion, and continuation, of the race. The Race Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. There is neither “appeals committee” nor an “appeals process.” All entrants in the race, their pacers and crew members, willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules, by attending the race in any capacity.

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