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september 5-21 2019

The last day of the Tour de France Footrace was simply one of the best I have ever experienced. The final 5k along the banks of the Seine was just the perfect end to this race. I spotted the Finish banner and just went for it, simultaneously laughing, smiling and crying through a haze of applause and people and feeling a potent combination of profound relief, joy and celebration.


The Ultra Corsica® is organized jointly by Capital ID Services and Skyrun. The group headed by Philippe and Thierry Poupard, organizes the Ultra Corica 2017, Le Tour de France Footrace 2015 and the Footrace Tour 2019.


The collaboration between the two brothers in ultra running went back to the late 1990s when Thierry was competing in the thoughest ultra marathons in the world: Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run, Badwater135, Spartathlon, Trans-Gaule and a score of 100k and 24h ultra marathons.


Thierry, the founder of the epic first Tour de France Footrace renamed Footrace Tour for its second edition, has defined a new standard in road running adventure in Europe, one that represents the ultimate endurance test in multi-day road race and that gives participants a sensational taste of France's countryside, culture and gastronomy. Based upon the legendary Tour de France bike race, the Footrace Tour and the Ultra Corsica are run on a multi-stage format with a specific route for each of their edition, which allows runners to experience each time a singular adventure, each day overcoming a new challenge motivated by what awaits around every turn, behind evry uphill.


On the Ultra Corsica® as on the Footrace Tour, runners are fed breakfast and dinner and housed in a tent city built each night on the best campsites of the island Corsica. They are treated to hot showers and can enjoy other amenities of the campsites such as swimming pool, laundry, convenient store, TV and WIFI. On the road racers are supported throughout each stage with feed and refreshment stations. Each morning, the racers  leave the race village in two morning waves and tackle the day’s course before arriving at the finish where Skyrun Team has moved in and rebuilt the village from the night before. With gear bags, tents, showers and food waiting at the finish line, the racers can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing, trading stories, updating their Facebook page and recovering in preparation for the next day’s run.


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rise ~ run ~ shine

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What they have to say about Capital-ID & Skyrun race organisation

“Ce tour de France a été une superbe experience.

La plus belle aventure a été huumaine, entre coureurs  et avec les bénévoles ça a été énorme. On est jamais en concurrence mais dans le partage avec des gens qui vivent la même chose que toi.


J’ai eu raison de suivre mon instinct et ma confiance envers les organisateurs, Thierry Poupard en tête, secondé par son frère Philippe car j’ai eu un plaisir énorme à courir, à participer, et à boucler ma 3ème plus grosse course par étapes, après mes 2 TransEurope-FootRace"

Het was me een waar genoegen deel uit te maken van een bijzonder gezelschap lopers. Iedereen stond hier met eigen redenen en doelen aan de start, maar samen deelden we de afstand en inspanning, en de liefdevolle verzorging van liefhebbers die zes weken voor ons hebben gezorgd en naar ons


Christian Fatton 3rd place

Tour de France Footrace


Dave Boone DNF

Tour de France Footrace


David LeBroch 4th place

Tour de France Footrace


Martin Fryer 2nd place

Tour de France Footrace

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